Evergreen SEO for WordPress

The subject off SEO is becoming more complex every day.  There are seemingly thousands of conflicting viewpoints as to what is best practice for helping your site to rank better within the search engines.

We will discuss an enduring view of SEO that will increase ranking for the long term, through evergreen SEO. Subjects include:

Types of SEO
Creating an SEO plan
-Keyword research
-Recommended Tools
-The importance of conversion
-Mapping Keywords to Content
On-Page SEO
-Wordpress and SEO
-SEO Plugins
-Template Optimization
-SEO and Site Speed
Off-Page SEO
-Backlinks: do they still work?
-Best practices for backlinking
Off-page Local SEO
-Google Places
-Local directories
Social Media
-Social Signals
-Guest Blogging
Measuring Results
-Split testing